Grid Paper Semi Log, 4/inch Blue, 1 Cycle Vertical, Land Letter

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Semi Log Grid Paper
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Print Semi Log Grid Paper for Free
It's easy to create the perfect Semi Paper for your assignments and projects with adjustable Semi Log Grid Paper Printouts options. Semilog Grid Paper Printables can be added to your favorites for reprinting anytime your graphing needs require graph paper for semi log graphs.

1. Grid Paper Type:
The first step is to determine the type of Grid Paper that is needed. If you need a Linear / Cartesian Grid Paper printable, then move on to the remaining selections. Otherwise, select another type of grid paper from the list of Grid Paper Types: at the upper left of this page.

2. Unit of Measure and Grid Size:
Choose from metric millimeter / mm, centimeter / cm, or imperial inch / in units along with grid sizes from 1 to 25 mm, or 1/25 to 1 inch grid line spacing. The secondary grid size does not apply to Cartesian Grids.

3. Color Selection:
There are several colors to choose from. Color selections are self defining except for Charcoal, a low contrast shade of black, and Watermark, a very light silvery gray. As the name indicates, Watermark is meant to be low visibility allowing your graph to be the primary object seen on the page. The first color is for the primary, larger, grid and boarder, and the second color is for the secondary or smaller grid. The secondary color does not apply to Cartesian Grids.

4. Page Size:
There are five sizes to choose from to suit your needs. Choose Imperial inch sizes Letter or Legal, or choose metric sizes A3, A4, or A5.

5. Orientations can be selected for either Portrait or Landscape.

6. Justification:
Choose either Center or Left Bottom Justification. Center justification ensures that the centermost vertical and horizontal grid lines will cross the center of the graph sheet. Left Bottom justification places emphasis on graphs that start at the left or bottom edge of the grid.

7. Shape refers to the shape of the graph paper grid. It can be rectangular filling in rectangular shape of the printable sheet or it can be square.

8. Grid Weight: There are several print weights for your grid paper. Medium is the default, but it can be set to print out heavier or lighter as needed.

9. Axis:
If Axis is chosen, it will follow the justification settings. For center justification, the X Y axis will cross through the center of the grid paper. For Left/Bottom justification, the X Y axis will be along the left and bottom edges of the of the graph paper grid.

10. Click the Submit Button to create the grid paper. If setting adjustments are needed, click the back button, make the adjustments, and click the Submit Button again.